The ocean, along with its remarkable inhabitants, plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy planet. It serves as a crucial source of approximately half the oxygen we breathe while also absorbing substantial amounts of carbon dioxide.
Did you know that whales have a significant impact on the ocean's carbon cycle, thereby aiding in the mitigation of climate change's effects?
On World Oceans Day, we want to celebrate these extraordinary creatures by sharing our new release. Let's shine a light on the importance of whales and their contribution to the well-being of our oceans.
‘This is a whale’ by Studio de Maan
Animation by Anne Gentenaar
Voiceover by Donnie Adams
Music: 'QuickSilver' by Erik Bosgraaf (recorder) and Jorrit Tamminga (live electronics) Video footage by Katja Peijnenburg, Deborah Wall-Palmer, Lisette Mekkes and Erica Goetze. Research Group Plankton Diversity & Evolution at Naturalis Biodiversity Center.
Special thanks to the Brunel Foundation
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