On this page you can read more about the different services I have to offer and possibly get some inspiration as to how I can be of service.

Motion Graphics Design
Typically this could be a logo animation, product presentation, animated movie titles, a video clip, data visualisation, you name it. Important is to express a concept/ message in moving images to an increased effect. I use 2D- & 3D-animations, visual effects, live-action footage and/ or a combination of these elements.

VJ: Visuals for classical music, live acts, concerts, clubs, events and more
Depending on the music and the event I make, collect and bring assorted video samples that I can mix on the fly with each other in my VJ software. I can also mix with live video input from a camera, other VJ’s, live generated visuals, lights, sounds, lyrics or whatever tickles your fancy.

Projection Mapping
Mapping is a great new way to break out of the screen; we are no longer constricted to a flat surface with fixed dimensions to project on. Instead, we can project on 3-dimensional objects, vertical buildings, building facades, 3D DJ booth’s, indoors & outdoors; the sky is the limit, although with creativity you’re never really sure of even that!

Visual Effects & Compositing

I am an experienced compositor, working with chroma keying, tracking, color correcting to match sources and 3D animation. In order to get the best results for your available budget it’s very important to already start working towards the solutions in a pre-production stage.

Filming, Editing, Color Correction & DVD authoring
I’ve done a lot of registrations of dance performances, concerts, festivals and art events. For editing, I believe to have a good sense of timing and composition and feel they are essential to produce smooth and aesthetic transitions. You can also call me for advice if you need a fresh point of view, or if you're stuck with an edit in any way. I also author DVD’s (make DVD menu’s) and I have a good eye for color and know how to correct/ grade it
I started teaching After Effects at SAE in 2010. I teach some basics and more advanced stuff to the film, game and wed department at SAE Amsterdam. I also give workshops about VJ-ing and Mapping, even to young children of tender ages. For the really young ones I've helped develop a VJ installation at Cinekid 2010 and workshops at the Vrijstaat 2013 in stop motion, making their drawings come to life in animation, mapping the results on buildings.
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