Tea Party for the launch of the crowdfunding site to keep the English Bookshop.
Radio Kootwijk Live was asked by Liesl (owner of the English Bookshop) to make an event around the Alice in Wonderland theme. This involved some musical & theatrical acts together with some video installations Martin and I did. Due to limited space in the shop and it being a daytime event, we decided to go for miniature video installations inside little (peep) boxes. So it was a bit of an experiment but we felt confident it would be something special. Really cool to find a solution for a problem (No space for projectors and not dark enough) and going into a new creative path because of it. We made a miniature mapping inside a box with a mini beamer and used some mini DVD players and my old (10 years!) macbook to play the movies (I must confess it got overheated at the end of the day from sitting in a box and this generated some glitch effects I'd never seen it do before). I'd love to do more of these peepboxes. Had a great time filming everybody in front of a green screen and making the movies (below) that went inside the boxes and also used for the promotional video above.

There was a great show up of community supporters, lots of sun combined with tea and beautiful cakes, made for a successful party indeed.
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