Radio Kootwijk Live is a group of professional musicians, performance artists, choreographers, light wizards and other creatives that comes together a couple of times a year. The group's composition is different every time, with familiar & new faces each session. Most importantly is our way of collaborating & experimenting and involving a sort of test audience in the making process. Also unique is the old Radio Station building called Kootwijk, tucked far away in the Dutch forests of the Veluwe. This is where we hold our core-sessions and this is what inspired our name.
For two-and-half days we experiment around a theme and selected music pieces, making several performances that melt together into a concert or show. Then comes the challenge of translating this into something that fits in a concert hall or festival. Some of the examples below were recorded in Kootwijk; others in Vredenburg (Utrecht) where we've performed practically all of the outcomes of our sessions in a two year program.
For more information:
Above: a promo with excerpt of many sessions and performances throughout the years...
The first Radio Kootwijk Live session I participated in: Syn-Esthesia
Performance from the session Synesthesia: an improvisation with prerecorded sounds & video samples from the building with Harp.
Video installation Air Cello at the Amsterdam Cello Biannual 2010, concept was born during a session called Play in 2010, see for more information.
Retiming a movie that was prerecorded to sync with the music from Osvaldo Golijov.. Live re-timing done in Resolume.
Above Re.Sonant: this was a special concert for the Grachtenfestival in 2011 in collaboration with Club Cult.
Testing new ideas inspired by John Whitney with Joris de Jong in one of my last session with Radio Kootwijk.
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