Ever since I've joined Born Digital in 2012, I've reconnected with one of my favorite projection techniques: Mapping (3D mapping, projection mapping and more names are out there, see my blog).
The idea to project on these paper art sculptures was a coming together of a couple of things.
On the one hand, curiosity to see if we could map on my dads super detailed 3D sculptures and, on the other hand, people in the VJ-scene making all sorts of sculptures just to have something to project on; usually not particularly interesting shapes by themselves, though easy to map on. We figured having a beautiful shape and material to begin with would offer unique results, and it would be an interesting challenge to take an organic shape like my dad's art to map on.
A great deal of the mapping was done by Martin Boverhof, who made a 3D model based on a kinect still of the sculpture and used VVVV to do the 3D mapping. We also used some 2D mapping to tweak it some more and we managed to pull it off! Results were shown during the Vrijstaat exhibit 2013 & during the Twente Biannual in TETEM 2013. The materials really worked well with different lighting situations and with added projections we were able to transform the sculptures in endless ways.
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