Marianne Noordink contacted me if I wanted to make visuals for a concert she was organizing.
She was free to make her own program and choose musicians/ artists to work with and wanted to try out some interesting combinations of music styles and performance. So in the small theaterroom we had an ambitious setup with projections on the skirt of a whirling dervishes and another projection in the background. The projections on the skirt had some controls to change the speed and location where the particles were projected so I could move along with the dancer (thanks to Martin Boverhof for making a simple tool in  VVVV to do this via midi).
Also during some pieces I VJ'd live in the background and had several setups for the different styles of music. The theme was 'Zeeën van tijd' a Dutch expression that is the equivelent of 'having all the time in the world'. I let this theme inspire some of the animations in the visuals and worked close with Marianne to capture her vision of this evening. After the show a Sufism believer came to me saying that I had really visualized some elements of sufism in the visuals, well I can't be the judge of that but it great to see that if you stay super close to the music and resonate with it, people get this :).
Music: World Series
20 februari 2014 in RASA:
Marianne Noordink
met Zeeën van tijd
Marianne Noordink -- ney, dwarsfluit
Diederik van Dijk -- cello, gitaar, zang
Nizar Rohana -- ud
Thanos Fotiadis -- piano
Anne Gentenaar -- visuals
Karen Reddering -- werveldans
Thanks to Daniel Lodeweges for mixing the audio
Edit by Anne Gentenaar © 2014
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