In September 2012 the Robot festival asked Born Digital to create a mapping for the Re Enzo Palace in the center of Bologna. Super thrilled, with little time and many people we decided to make one big VJ show and put all of our work together. Collaborating with the guys from Bseite (Germany) and our own group being an interesting mix of peeps with different backgrounds and nationalities, we decided that the theme of "networking" was already at the core of our working methods. It was a great way of working; normally for a mapping show the movie would just be edited so you simply pressed play to show it. However, we could fill most of the evening and didn't want to put something on loop, so we took turns VJing with each others' content and mixed all of our different styles together seamlessly ;). Also, having two great audio producers that could mix live music together with the visuals, made this all the more possible and fun!
Below are a few stills of some of the VJ samples I made, and further down is an edit of the collective results.
During the Robot05 festival in Bologna Born Digital had the wonderful
Piazza Re Enzo location to do some projection mapping,

Video by
Martin Boverhof
Daan Kars
Anne Gentenaar
Bas Klompmaker
Music by
Bas Gebbing
Sander Haakman
Also contributed but not in this movie:
Koenraad Marinus van Lier
Takuma Nakata
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