This winter Born Digital gave a workshop to the children at grammarschool "De Achtbaan" in Utrecht's Leidsche Rijn. With the Group 5 (age 7 - 8 ) we made an underwater world, with fish, fantasy creatures & underwater plants. With group 7 (age 10-11) we made a jungle world, with (imaginary) jungle creatures, plants and backgrounds.
The technique we used involved crayons & ecoline on paper, scanning the drawings in the computer and cutting them out digitally. A program made with VVVV (a visual programming language) then placed the creations in a 3D world accordingly, with an animated camera passing through to see all of the creations in their natural habitat.
The endgoal of this movie would be a part of the exhibit, so they could see their movies on the big screen, that were even viewable at night, from the outside of the building.
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