AIR CELLO is an interactive performance involving the audience's participation. People from the audience are invited to come on stage for their AIR CELLO performance. The concept is similar to AIR GUITAR, except that the performer doesn't know in advance which piece they are going to hear, so the performance is completly spontaneous. They can request a certain mood or emotion and the versatile cellist Örs Köszeghy then plays a snippet of a piece in this particular mood. Meanwhile it is being recorded, sampled and at the end of the performance the VJ & cellist take it away with an improvised piece where the performers from the audience see themselves on the screen. The Cellist has to interact, letting his composition match up with the speed & mood of the video.
All in all, some super fun experiments! There was a show everyday during the CelloBiannual 2010 and in the evening we would project the new performances on the outside of the building.
The concept originated during the Radio Kootwijk Live session: PLAY
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