A Cultural Explosion in the Wolden
So we’ve done quite a few mappings in cities like Amsterdam & Utrecht, where there is already a lot happening on the cultural plane. So how cool is it to have a chance to do a show in Martins hometown, Zuidwolde? 
It is a village in Drente in the process of fusing with surrounding villages to create a stronger and more diverse creative network. To  spotlight this fusion, they asked Martin to bring all of these creative elements together, Born Digital style, in a mapping show.
We set out to film over 200 people in front of a greenscreen, while recording their music, later mixed by composer Mark Nieuwenhuis and to make a show almost 2 hours long!
Great plus point of mapping in a village is that you can actually make the surroundings dark (no light pollution) so the colors jumped off the building better then I’ve seen anywhere else. 
It was a super fun project!
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