- Visuals for the Mare Nostrum Inclusive concerts, 2019

   by Meditaranians sounds, brought together Marmoucha foundation.

- Visuals for Opera’s of the Conservatorium Maastricht, 2019

   ‘Cidade sem luz’ by Iago Hermo ‘Fine Bahane’ by Willie Arets

- Visuals during dance piece ‘Existence’ choreography by Diego Oliveira 2019

- AV performance: Music for Museums @ ‘van Eesteren Museum’, Amsterdam 2019

- Visuals for CrisisCross festival 2019

- Visuals for Lit Scenes, composer Jesse Passenier

- Cultuur explosie, municipality the Wolden 2017

- Visuals at festival Vogelpop, 2017-2019

- Oersoep, Mapping in Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam 2016

- Visuals for Viva Brasil, Amsterdam 2016


(* with Born Digital)            

_Visuals for Viva Brasil

_Paperart Illuminated, Visual installation, Symposion

_Projection mapping & Motion graphics for VJ on TOUR*

_Club Lite - VJs Illuminator & Zanne


_Spontaneous mapping at BYOB in het Tivoli-Vredenburg during the Filmfestival

_Wings Imparted: Visual Installation for composition by Thomas Myrmel performed by Miriam Overlach

_Fashion show presentation for Sandwich_ collection 2015 (motion graphics & vj performance)

_Art Installation at LPM 2014 Eindhoven*

_Paradisolo with Michel de Hey

_Pink Istanbul, Paradiso

_Woman in Paradise, Paradiso, VJ Performance with Marije Nie

_Club Lite - VJs Illuminator & Zanne

_Elementz, de Toren (VJ)

_Music: Wild Series, with Marianne Noordink (VJ)

_Madhatter, Crowdfunder for the English Bookshop, motion graphics and art installation

_ Soundstad, with Mark Nieuwenhuis*


_Patch festival Krakow, VJ performance

_Lecture on VJ mapping & 3D mapping show at SAE alumni convention 2013

_VJ edit for VERF Verweij Frames

_VJ show, Kraft, Sugar Factory *

09                   _VJ show, Kraft, Sugar Factory *

08                   _VJ op de Dom, Concert René Uijlenhoet, Live-set Francesco Tristano, DJ-set Kypski *

08                   _Meerpaaldagen Dronten, VJ @ Request Live

05                   _Exposition in Tetem for the Twente Biannual *

04                   _Koninginnenach Nijmegen, VJ @ Request Live

01-03              _Exposition & workshops* @ De Vrijstaat, Utrecht *



12                   _Amsterdam Electric Guitar Heaven 2012, Melkweg *

11                   _Onitsuka Tiger, Motion Graphics Design for new store, Amsterdam

10                   _Project Mapping @Robot05, Bologna *

10/11              _VJ workshops & performance Cross Culture Festival, Utrecht *

09                   _De Kring, Paradiso Amsterdam *

09                   _VJopdeDOM teaser en show voor Eindbaas *

09                   _Visuals voor Erik Bosgraaf muziek installatie, De Toonzaal, Den Bosch

08                   _Vogelpop, Ansen *

07                   _Sensation, VJ in VIP room, Amsterdam

06                   _LPM Rome, participate in VJ Battle

06/07             _Teaching at SAE, After Effects and beyond

05                   _Visuals @ Nightshift, Radio Kootwijk Live in Vredenburg, Utrecht

05                   _Promo Edit for VERF (Monica Verweij)

04/12             _Teaching at SAE, After Effects and beyond

04                   _VJ@Puberpop, #Bruut Nijmegen

04                   _VJ@Eindbaas, with Born Digital, Ekko Utrecht *

04                   _VJ@Upload Cinema NSFW, Rialto Amsterdam

03                   _VJ performance collab with Machinka, B-seite Mannheim Germany

03                   _VJ@ Remote Control, Radio Kootwijk Live in Vredenburg, Utrecht

03                   _Promo for WOYM, in Deep Records

03                   _Motion Graphics Promo for Kinki Hairdressers

02                   _VFX supervisor, Camera, VFX’s & edit for theaterpiece Zwijnenstal

                                                                      with Born Digital, in Vrijstaat, Utrecht

02                   _VJ@Upload Cinema Best Of, Rialto Amsterdam

01                   _Teaching at SAE, After Effects and beyond

01                   _Experimental Dance movie in collaboration with Diego Oliveira (work in progress)



12                   _VJ Performance with the three Pyramids @ Freemote, Utrecht

12                   _VJ Performance @ Freemote, Utrecht

12                   _VJ@Upload Cinema, Rialto Amsterdam

11                   _Motion Graphics for Peugot Promo

10/11              _Teaching After Effects & Color correction at SAE

11                   _Visual Research @ Remote Control, Radio Kootwijk Live in Kootwijk

10                   _VJ @ ADE in Havana, Amsterdam

09                   _Motion Graphics for Color Trophy awards L’Oreal

08/09             _Teaching After Effects & Color correction at SAE

08                   _VJ@ Circumstance Premiere, Rialto

08                   _Visuals@ Re.Sonant with Radio Kootwijk Live, Grachtenfestival                                                                                            Amsterdam

07                   _Promo Edit for VERF (Monica Verweij)

07                   _VJ @ GPS concert Loonaloop in Café Wilhelmina, Amsterdam

07                   _VJ @ Elevator Passion Event in Sugar Factory, Amsterdam

07                   _Audio Visual performance with tapdancer Marije Nie,                                                                                                           Living Walls festival, Purmerend

06/07             _Teaching After Effects & Color correction at SAE

06                   _VJ @ VJfestist, Istanbul Turkey

05                   _VJ @ LPM Rome, performance & VJ Battle

05                   _Visuals for the idiots, with Radio Kootwijk Live, Concert hall Amsterdam

04/05            _Teaching After Effects & Color correction at SAE

04                   _Motion Graphics promo for Versus, party in Bitterzoet

03/04            _Assistant compositor for movie Monster of Nix, by Rosto AD

03/04            _VJ & Motion Graphics Design for Transavia Party @ Schiphol

03                   _VJ for the idiots, with Radio Kootwijk Live in Vredenburg, Utrecht

02                   _VJ performance with Radio Kootwijk Live, Schouwburg Rotterdam  

01/02             _Assistant compositor for movie Monster of Nix, by Rosto AD

01                   _VJ during an evening with Carice van Houten in Vredenburg, Utrecht



12                   _Visuals during Pastorales de Noël, Toonzaal, Den Bosch

12                   _VJ for Tocht, performance with Flute, Pyromaan for Hagedis, The Hague

12                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

11                   _VJ@ EP event TU in Delft

11                   _VJ@ Tromp with Marije Nie, Concert hall, Eindhoven

11/12             _Assistant compositor for movie Monster of Nix, by Rosto AD

11                   _Video art & Performance: Air Cello

                                                during the Cello Biannual 2010, Amsterdam

11                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

10                   _Develop & host VJ workshop for kids during Cinekid 2010

10                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

10                   _VJ@Elevator Passion in Code21, Amsterdam

09                   _VJ@Bal Rozentheater, Amsterdam

09                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

08                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

08                   _VJ@ the Stiches concert in Paradiso, Amsterdam

08                   _Realize VJclip Distance, with music by Dexon

07                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

07                   _VJ for Tocht, performance with Flute, OverhetIJ festival, Amsterdam

06                   _VJ@ WIOYM evening in Korsakov, Amsterdam

06                   _Realize VJclip Milord, with music by Cenk Unis

06                   _AFTR met Elevator Passion, in Code21, Amsterdam

06                   _VJ@Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

05                   _I love 90ties Party, Drechtsehallen, Dordrecht

05                   _WIOYM @ Korsakov, Amsterdam

05                   _Play_Radio Kootwijk Live, Apeldoorn

03                   _Elevator Passion, VJ samen met Roborant in Canvas, Amsterdam    

                          met DJ’s: Housetree (LIVE), Jose Ibanez , Roy Verschuren, Giom Misogi  

03                   _Body Resonator_Radio Kootwijk Live, Apeldoorn

03                   _Turkish Film Festival, Studio K, Amsterdam

02                   _Puberpop, Nijmegen

01                   _Synesthesia_Radio Kootwijk Live, Apeldoorn

01                   _Puberpop, Nijmegen

01                   _Piano Go Visuals, Arnhem

01                   _WIOYM @ Korsakov, Amsterdam



18-12               _ PuberPop 80ties editie, Nijmegen

01-12               _ PuberPop Millenium editie: 3FM DJ’s & Def Rymz, Nijmegen

27-11                _ Elevator Passion, VJ with VJ Goto10 & Roborant @ Elevator Passion Party                                   in  Canvas. DJ’s: ALI KURU, BRENT  ROOZENDAAL, HOUSETREE,                                           ROY VERSCHUREN, JOSE IBANEZ, Amsterdam                    

25-11             _ Participated@ Arduino Workshop, MediaMatic, Amsterdam

14-11             _VJ @ Langweiligkeit 10 jaar , Den Haag

13-11             _Participated @ VGA signal workshop, MediaMatic, Amsterdam

05-11             _Videoshoot with dancers Diego & Esmee for VJ clips , Amsterdam

03-11             _PuberPop Millenium edition: in House DJ’s, Nijmegen

24-10             _Visuals during Effeny feest, bij Pallet, Amsterdam

22-10             _VJ demonstration @ Share, Sugarfactory, Amsterdam

02-10             _VJ@ Puberpop, Café van Buren, Nijmegen

29-08             _Visuals during tango concert: Tactiel, Tolhuis tuinen, Amsterdam Noord

28-08             _VJ for KICK OFF (8 in 1) party in Club 8, Amsterdam

21-08             _VJ for Madonna & Micheal Jackson party in Club 8, Amsterdam

31-07             _VJ for 90-ties Party in Club 8, Amsterdam

26-06             _VJ for Housetree in Canvas, Amsterdam

25-06             _VJ for DV Grammafoonplaat in DeSmet, Amsterdam

27-04             _Visuals for Inter Disciplinairy Project: Voice, project with. Henk Schut,                                                                                                                                         Amsterdam

28-03             _VJ for Future Generations Party in Stubnitz, Amsterdam

27-02             _VJ for Carnaval Party van Elevator Passion in Getaway, Amsterdam

09-01             _VJ for WOOF! Rozentheater, Amsterdam



                        _Rozentheater_Oud & Nieuw

                       _VJ for WOOF! Rozentheater, Amsterdam

                       _Giving Low tech workshops and performances.

                       _Realisation of VJclip ‘Pucin’ for DVJ performance of Audio Illustrated

                       _Giving 365MAG VJ workshop, Nijmegen

                       _Mediamatic Low tech workshop

                       _VJ in Sugarfactory Amsterdam

                       _VJ op Venuez Amsterdam

                       _VJ fest, Istanbul Turkey

                       _VJ@ Langweiligkeit, Paard, The Hague



                       _TrendEvents, Meppel

                       _VJ in de Bazart, The Hague

                       _The Suite, Hoorn

                       _SeeMe Sofia, Bulgarije

                       _Participated@ Mediamatic Pure Data workshop



                       _Developing visual in collaboration for al sorts of performances & events





  • HBO bachelor opleiding gedaan aan de Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie (NFTA) te Amsterdam;
    richting Interactieve media en Visuele effecten (IMVFX); diploma 2006.

  • 1998/2002
  • HBO bachelor opleiding gedaan aan de Design Academy te Eindhoven;
    verschillende richtingen: mens en Welzijn, Communicatie en Vrije tijd;
    propedeuse behaald (mei 99), in 2002 opleiding gestopt.

  • 1997/1998
  • Voorbereidende cursus kunstacademie in Den Haag gedaan; voltooid 1998

  • 1997
  • Havo diploma behaald op Haags Montessori Lyceum te Den Haag;
    (Nederlands, Engels, Biologie, Scheikunde, Tekenen en Wiskunde B); diploma 1997.


    Visual effects voor verscheidene NFTA producties :

    Jaar: Producie Regisseur Functie:




    Interactief project

    Zo is dat
    Acht (8)
    Denk Groot  

    Joris v.d. Berg
    Camiel Zwart

    Vincent v. Zelm
    Rutger Veenstra
    Elizabeth R. Salgado
    Bas Labriere
    Max Postelein
    Elizabeth R. Salgado
    Camiel Zwart
    Martijn Smits

    3D animatie, compositing
    Supervisor, interaction design,
    Visual effects, trailer, concept.
    VJ materiaal voor decor.
    Poster, dvd, credits
    3D animatie, compositing, dvd
    3D animatie, compositing, titels



  • Nederlands- en Engels- talig (mondelijk zowel schriftelijk goed)
  • Het maken van visual effects, (motion) graphic design, DVD's, VJ-shows,
        beeldbewerking, registraties zowel editen als filmen.
  • Programma’s die ik beheers: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Encore,
  • Final Cut Pro, Color, Maya en DVD Studio Pro & Resolume,
  • Programma’s waar ik ook mee heb gewerkt:
        Premiere, Fussion, Dreamweaver, Poser, Word, Motion, 3D studioMax.